Shannon Reed Portrait - #existinphotographs

Shannon Reed


I thought, perhaps, going to Spain and walking 800 km was going to be a challenge - a journey which would move and shake me to my core and make me really re-evaluate my life. When I got back home, however, I was quick to shrug off the magnitude of that experience; in fact, I was almost nonchalant about it. Ha. Three months later, I can look back and see that it did all of those things - and probably many more things that I've yet to understand. I am both exhausted and invigorated and thrilled for this next chapter to unfold.

Transitions are challenging. These shaky times are neither good or bad (because it's about learning, right?), and an incredible window through which we can really examine who we are at our core and make choices accordingly. Many of the components of my own transition are personal, but it would be impossible to come out of that experience in Spain and not want to do more with my work - push myself into some other realm.

I love taking pictures. I love taking pictures of people and food and of beautiful things which inspire and move me at very deep levels. I have my own ways and don't particularly care for following the rules or being confined or restrained when it comes to photography, but coming back from Spain, I knew it was time to narrow my focus and that focus is portraiture. Vanity Fair-inspired portraiture with available light - so a combination of things I know and do very well with some unknowns thrown in there for good measure and to make me just squidgy enough that my OCD goes into overdrive in really good ways. Again with the challenges. ")

I'm in the process of building a new portfolio representative of the direction I'm going; in the meantime, I'm leaving my other work up. This is the last post in which I plan to be so self-indulgent - I simply wanted to share this bit of professional enlightenment because I'm excited and also so that I have a reference point.

On Monday, August 15, I will move into a new studio space at 240 South Broadway (above Bardo Coffee House). Very much looking forward to being enveloped in the creative space there and seeing what kinds of magic my clients and I can make.

One other change - no more digital images. I've recently completed a couple of courses in making tin type and salt prints and being in the darkroom again has reinforced one of the most important components of photography - the physical print. By creating beautiful prints, matting them, and putting them in a gorgeous folio box I'm assured that I've done my job fully and my clients will have a wonderful keepsake - a piece of their legacy - which will last for generations to come. #existinphotographs

One last thing to share: I'm obsessed with food - not just any food, but the masterpieces created by some of the finest chefs in the world. These artists give me life - which is to say - inspiration and motivation to be better in my own realm. If you know me well, you've heard me say a hundred times that Chef's Table (Netflix) is my porn; I've watched those episodes over and over (and over) again. Grant Achatz (Alinea) is everything. His work makes me weep. As does the work of Dominque Crenn (Atelier Crenn et Petit Crenn) - but even more than the thrilling concepts they have around culinary preparation and presentation are their philosophies about life having gone through their own transitional periods.

At the end of her episode, Crenn says, "Looking for that place where I can settle and I'm not sure I'm there yet. It's about being on the path of learning until the end of your life. When you realize your dream, it's not a dream anymore - there are other dreams that come to you."

So - here's to new dreams, new adventures, and the transitions that birth them.


I want to thank Gio Toninelo and Travis Volz of Rocket House for making my beautiful video. I'm so grateful that I get to do what I love to do and that I am surrounded by such wonderfully delightful and creative people. My heart overflows...