Sisters | Olivia and Colette

Shannon Reed

Olivia, 19 | Colette, 15

A couple of months ago, I did a session with two adorable sisters and absolutely loved it.  The energy between them was beautiful and I was captivated by them entirely.  I reached out to Olivia, whom I've enjoyed photographing for nearly a year, and asked if I could do a session with her and her sister, Colette, and was thrilled that we were able to schedule some time together this week.  

They were so incredibly lovely and I was just wholly entranced by the sisterly dynamic and the energy between them.  Interestingly, they'd commented that they don't actually spend much time together and that this was the most interaction that either one of them could remember having in a very long time.  I certainly couldn't tell - and I don't think you could tell that by the images above, but what a wonderful reason to come together and capture a memory or two. 

I don't have a sister (though I often wish I did), so I'd like to continue along this path of photographing sisters (of all ages) and see what stories emerge...  ")