Victoria the Dancer II

Shannon Reed

Once upon a time I was a dancer - but that was long ago.  I wasn't especially good at it, but it gave me life and more joy than words can express.  According to my dear friend, Toby, "once a dancer, always a dancer," and I suppose I feel like that in my heart.  These days, I just really enjoy photographing these magnificent creatures - and I'll tell you - it gives me so much more pleasure than actually dancing.  And I'm not just saying that because my knees are old and weak. ') 

Taking stills of dancers is one thing - and it's a beautiful thing - but sometimes I want to see more... feel more.  Today, I did a series of triple exposures of Victoria with the intent of capturing the reality of the movements and the power it takes to maneuver into these forms and positions.    

Victoria is a stunning and generous subject - I cherish her and the gifts she's shared with me over the years. These were taken for fun today as I'm giving my creative self a nudge to get going on something new.  As ever, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens...