New Year, New Beginnings

Shannon Reed

Chloe  |  2014 (previously unpublished)

Like a lot of people, I typically do an inventory toward the end of the year.  Thoughts about the events and goings on of that year - the people I've met, relationships, friendships, my work, and what I accomplished as a creative being - swirl around up there and I try to make sense of them and be grateful for {all of} them.  The not so good things that happened aren't fun to look at again, but I force myself to sift through those things and make peace with them so I can let them go and focus on the good things - and there were so many good things about 2014.  

Once I've gone through and sorted the inventory and everything is put in its rightful place, I turn my thoughts toward the new year and all the possibilities that lay ahead. I've already decided that 2015 going to be amazing {it already is!} - very much looking forward to growing my business, making more art, and exploring new nooks and crannies within myself and in this world.   

I shared a quote by Maya Angelou here last summer and it feels appropriate to share again - "Life loves the liver of it." So, here's to dwelling in possibility, finding the gratitude in everything that comes our way, and living the hell out of 2015.

Giddyup ")