Takin' It to the Streets

Shannon Reed

I went to the People's Fair in Capitol Hill yesterday to see what I could see.  There were a few things but, overall, I was largely uninspired (still working through my creative block).  The guy at the top (an artist) was taking care of a customer when I started taking his picture.  After about four clicks of my camera, he finally turned to me - with that look.  A little irritated, I'm guessing. Oops - my bad.  The second was just a little girl with wings, but I loved her serious expression.

I was migrating back to the homestead, when I saw a couple dressed up and pretty out of place compared to everyone else - but then, a few moments later, I saw a wedding party behind them and headed my way. These aren't great images, but I'm having fun documenting my progress and developing an understanding of this odd and awkward (street) dance between photographer and subject. 

Street photography isn't for everyone - in fact, it may not be for me, but I love the challenge.  It's hard to point a camera at someone who doesn't know you and take their picture.  Sometimes I ask, sometimes I don't - or can't.  I also shoot with a prime lens - no zooms.  It's no fair using a zoom in street photography - kind of the wimpy way out, I think.  Anyway... another outing under my belt; we'll see what happens next... ")