Denver Chalk Fest 2014

Shannon Reed

We couldn't have asked for better weather for this weekend's Chalk Festival in Larimer Square. Of course, I'm always more interested in what the people are doing than what they are there to see. I'm also becoming aware of a delightful little phenomenon as I begin my endeavors in street photography and that's how people tend to mimic one another.  I first noticed it when I was shooting in San Francisco and thought it was just a flukey thing; but after this outing, I'm certainly much more sensitive to - and fascinated by - it.  

My favorite picture in this eclectic bunch is the third from the top.  I was photographing the woman helping the man remove his shirt.  It was just sort of a sweet and tender moment in the midst of this heaving mass of people and I probably took about seven or eight shots as the process unfolded.  It wasn't until I pulled the images up on my computer that I saw the woman sticking out her tongue.  I have no idea who she's looking at or what prompted her to do it, but what a fun little capture.  :)