Personal Portfolios

Shannon Reed

I get requests from clients to do personal portfolio sessions, but rarely post them (so much to do, so little time!); however, I just did this one with David so I thought I'd share. What's a 'personal portfolio' you ask?  Great question!  Images taken during these types of sessions can be used for multiple purposes and are especially useful given the proliferation of social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, dating sites, websites, etc...).  

I think folks are realizing there's only so much you can do at an arm's length (i.e., selfies), so hiring a pro to take your shots is a surefire way to set yourself aside from the rest of the pack. I also find that stuffy, studio head shots are sort of a thing of the past; it's okay to loosen that tie, let your hair down, get into some fresh air, and let your personality shine!  

Shannon is an amazingly talented creative and very professional photographer. She arrives on time, communicates very well, and creates superb photos.  She listens to my goals, makes me feel very comfortable, and I simply trust her; this is the first time a photographer captured "me".   -David L.