A Time for Creativity

Shannon Reed

A new season and a new burst of creativity is afoot; I'm feeling some ideas out and am ready to start making new art - huzzah!

Last week, I had the good fortune to meet Callie (above), and I'm really thrilled that she's agreed to work with me on some new work.  We've had a couple of little test shoots together so that we can get to know one another and figure each other out; I couldn't be more pleased and I'm looking forward to seeing what fruits we'll bear.

I'm also moving in a slightly different direction with regard to my editing and post work.  With all the crazy/cool/fun filters out there at everyone's fingertips via Instagram-esque type applications, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for the good ol' Kodachrome film days.  It feels a bit more honest and real; a little raw, even.  This type of work may make some minor appearances in my commercial and/or wedding work, but only if it makes sense.  Above all else, it's important to me that I create an aesthetically interesting or beautiful image - so, we'll see what happens and where this new direction takes me.

I'm also packing a gorgeous new piece of glass - a Zeiss Planar T* 85mm f/1.4 (which I've used to shoot Callie, Michael, Isabella, and that gorgeous Goldendoodle with).  It's a manual focus lens, so it requires a good bit of patience of everyone's part - but it's sooooo worth the extra effort in every possible way and I am mad loving it! 

Well, here's to new beginnings and bursts of creativity; onward ho and happy spring!