Piserchio to Reed

Shannon Reed

I struggled in earnest with the decision of changing my name following my divorce; it's one thing to do it when you work for someone else and an entirely different animal when you work for yourself.  In the end, I decided to move forward with the tedious task of dropping my beautiful married name (Piserchio) and just sticking with the name my mother gave me fortysomething years ago - my first and middle name only; which I find equally beautiful - and much easier for others to spell.  {smile}

Thanks for bearing with me and any confusion I create in the process as there are lots of Is to dot and Ts to cross.  

I would like to take a moment to thank the Piserchio clan (particularly my now ex-husband but best friend forevermore, Gary) for letting me use the name for awhile.  I know the pride you have for this beautiful, Italian moniker and I was honored to call it my own for eight years.

Here's to everyone moving forward happily and healthily - in good name and in good spirit.

Shannon Reed