Shannon Reed

This was a wonderful little find this morning:

Shannon Piserchio is a self-described feminist and humanist and she uses her lens to create stories, showcasing how she views the world. Through her fashion and figure photography Piserchio explores many different themes, including the darker side of humanity. Her images are truly moving, highly emotional and thoroughly fascinating. She manages to capture a full story in a single photograph, with a lot of movement and layers to each piece. It is very easy to look at one of Piserchio’s pieces and get lost in the story for hours, as you decide just what she is trying to say, and enjoy the many emotions through which she tells you. If you haven’t seen this fascinating photographer’s work yet, make time to see her fine art collections.

Came across it quite by accident; thank you, Deborah Flomberg for including me in this article on Up-and-Coming Visual Artists in Denver - you made my day!  

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