A Note About Street Photography...

Shannon Reed
image.jpg least as far as it pertains to my style, anyway.  If you've by any chance followed my blog this past year, you may have seen my references to street photography and my desire to do more of it.  I did actually manage to shoot quite a bit - it was fun, interesting, daunting, challenging and, at times, a bit nerve wracking as people are leery of strangers taking their picture (rightfully so).  

Everything I shot on the street this year was used with the same setup;  a Canon 5D Mark III and a gorgeous Zeiss 85mm lens (manual, of course).  I love shooting manually - it keeps me on my toes!  I realize, though, that an 85mm limits me quite a bit, so I'm going wider in 2015 which means a bigger challenge photographing people - eeps!  I'll have to really get up close and personal!

When people find out that I'm a photographer, the first question is, "What do you take pictures of?" To which I respond - anything with people in it!  I'm not a great landscape photographer because, as beautiful as it can be, it simply doesn't challenge and interest me the way people do.  Few people realize that Ansel Adams did street photography, but his skills and abilities in that realm (in my opinion) paled significantly to his magnificent landscape work.  My guess is that he didn't have the passion for people in the way he did for Mother Nature.  Sometimes it just goes like that.  Oh, and also - I am in no way comparing myself in any way to AA; just noting that even one of the greats likely had his preferences when it came to subject matter.  Ultimately, I think it just comes down to whatever moves and shakes us as artists...

Anyhoo... I've decided to share some of my pictures from Prague and Vienna (below) and if you take a peek, you'll see I included a few landscape type images.  I'd be remiss to ignore the incredible beauty that is Prague in spite of the fact that I didn't do her justice.  If you get a chance to visit, go.  Go. Go. Go.  But go off-season unless you like crowds.  ")

Thanks for coming along on all or parts of my journey in 2014 - what an wonderful and amazing year it's been!  Whether you're visitors, clients, friends, or family - I wish you all the joy and happiness in the coming year and, in the words of my dear friend and mentor, Hal Gould, "Here's to the magic of photography!"