Chris and Hannah's Wedding Gallery

Shannon Reed
 Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Hannah Medved

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Hannah Medved

Such a beautiful day, such a beautiful couple!  Chris and Hannah's wedding was such a gorgeous affair that I had a difficult time narrowing down the images for their gallery (HERE).  In the end, it comes down to telling the story in a series of split-second moments - moments that are wildly fleeting and impossible to recreate.       

I remember going through the pictures for the first time and seeing the picture of Alyssa reacting to her daughter after she'd helped Hannah into her gown - that one got to me big time.  And, as stunning a bride and groom as this couple was, a favorite image was the one of Hannah's brother sitting among his fellow (and tuxedo wearing) groomsmen donning boxer shorts and cowboy boots.  Oh, and how lucky was I to steal the moment the sun bounced off Hannah's wedding ring right before Chris put it on her finger?  Weddings are big and beautiful productions, but it's the little things that say so much...  

Anyway - thank you for stopping by; I hope you enjoy seeing their wedding through my eyes and please join me in sending joyful wishes to Chris and Hannah.  ")