Erin and Eric

Shannon Reed

Father and daughter just before the ceremony...

I think some of our most cherished memories happen during life's quieter moments - where they go on to live tucked away safely into the folds of our hearts and minds...  

One of the things that made Erin and Eric's wedding day so special was the presence of Erin's dad's vintage pick-up truck.  Unfortunately, old trucks need babying from time to time, and this particular beauty's radiator sprung an untimely leak just before the ceremony. Erin's dad, already dressed for his daughter's big day, changed into a pair of old jeans and shirt and fixed her right up.  #dadsrock

He teased me a bit about taking pictures of him working under the hood - but, you know, it's a part of the story, so how could I not?  Sweet and kind of shy, he felt a little self-conscious that he wasn't able to get a good scrub on his hands afterward (most wedding venues don't stock their powder rooms with Gojo, right?), and he was even a little mortified when he noticed me taking this picture of them holding hands just before he walked her down the aisle.

I hope he forgives me for sharing this image, but I think it's quiet moments such as this one that can be too easily forgotten. The way a father squeezes his daughter's hand on her wedding day is so special.  In that squeeze he is sending her all the emotions he's feeling in his heart - maybe even things he can't or doesn't know how to say.  It was beautiful, just the two of them, and I could sense them beginning to feel the dizzying weight of what was about to happen.  The remnants from fixing the truck on his hands say, to me, that this man loves his daughter so very much and wants only for her happiness.  

Erin doesn't need a photograph to tell or remind her of her father's love for her - this moment is with her always - but, just in case the memory gets lost from time to time, she has this as a gentle reminder.