Shannon Reed

I was having coffee with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, and found myself distracted by this girl having coffee with her (I assumed) boyfriend.  There was just something about her I found utterly compelling, so I asked as she was leaving if I might take her picture sometime.  I gave her my card and we exchanged a few emails - she'd never had her picture taken before and said she was "terrified" to be in front of my camera; she also said she was just visiting over the holiday and going back home to Finland in a couple of weeks to finish her last semester of college.  In Hannah, I knew I'd found my muse - I just didn't realize I'd only have her for a moment.  Gah.

People - women especially - tend to panic a little when I ask to photograph them.  Honestly, because I don't like having my picture taken, I understand that panic.  I explained to Hannah that she didn't need to do anything special - just come as she was.  No makeup, no fancy hair or clothing - like, you can literally just fall out of bed and come meet me.  

The woman (Candace) who let me shoot at this location was very kind and generous - offering a parking spot and help to carry in all of my lighting.  I was both grateful and amused by this.  I walked over with everything I needed in one hand - one body, one lens.  Mother Nature provided the perfect light - huzzah!   

Anyhoo... In spite of her feeling a bit under the weather, we met a few days ago.  I'd planned to spend an hour with her, but after 15 minutes, I knew I had all that I needed (I learned early on to only "take" what I need and never one frame more).  I didn't really get to know much about her until we were finished and she was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, but she's definitely a very cool young woman with a bright future ahead of her.  

Thank you, Hannah. <3  

Thank you, Lori, for helping me coordinate. 

Thank you, Candace, for letting me hang out and do my thing.  


 Candace (r) and friend

Candace (r) and friend