"Family" Exhibit

Shannon Reed
 Single Mother

Single Mother

I received word yesterday that this piece had been juried into the "Family" exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography (6 December through 18 January 2014); I'm so excited to have work shown at the Center!   


Katherine Ware is curator of photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art. She previously served as curator of photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and as assistant curator of photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum. 


I took a series of pictures on this day looking for a much different outcome - you know, the typical, pretty baby stuff - but my daughter, Holly, wasn't feeling well and Michael wasn't feeling still.  I took some pictures anyway - capturing her irritation and the exchanges between the two of them under the guise of those funny "awkward family photos" we've all seen bouncing around the interweb.  

On this particular occasion, Michael was trying to eat a rock, Holly took it away, a meltdown happened, some comforting ensued, then Holly was just pretty much ready to go.   It was the "ready to go" image that resonated with me (the one above).  I know that feeling - I think all mothers know that feeling.

But there's more to it...  Being a single mother - with one on the way - isn't easy.  This picture doesn't do Holly justice - she actually handles motherhood with an ease and grace so admirable I really don't have words.  In fact, I've never seen her irritated with Michael - not even for a moment. 

I thought this might be a good entry for the exhibit but honestly never thought it would be accepted.  It's technically flawed - but it does tell a story (I think).  Anyway, I'm so thrilled and honored to be included in the exhibit and it's extra sweet that the subject matter is near and dear to my heart.  

 The pictures leading up to the one above (click on the image)...