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Initially, the concept of this image for a series I'm working on called "WTF", but it sort evolved into something else entirely.

See, they've been doing road work along the street where our business is since January.  It has become increasingly difficult to navigate and people get frustrated, so they just avoid it altogether.

As a result, we have lost four or five businesses.  We're talking people's livelihood here *poof* up in smoke with losses and consequences most people can't even begin to imagine.

Unless you've owned your own business, you can never understand the level of sacrifice and dedication that goes into it.  These are devastating losses and I feel for these folks deeply.  We've had our own challenges and very nearly had to close in May.  We were thatclose.  

So, instead of doing something cheeky with a nude woman and a bunch of construction workers, I decided that Kari should be the Angel of Death.  

This image is an homage to a period of time that we will have either succumbed to or triumphed over. 

We have three more month of construction to weather before the project is complete at the end of November.