Womankind: The Book

ArtShannon Reed



Working on this series has had a profound impact on me.  What began as sort of a haphazard endeavor and adventure evolved - over long hours spent scouring and editing photographs and listening only to Annie Lennox - until it became a healing salve which coated and enveloped my little fragmented artist's soul.  It was also a lovely awakening.

Life ambles along, gears in place, chug chug chug; all good for the most part, really, you know - no real complaints to speak of (and I'm talking in generalities here - at least for that beginning part - so this might very well apply to you).  Then, sometime earlier on in the year, I sort of felt a slip of the cog.  Then another, then another - until I just wasn't really sure what I wanted to concentrate on relative to my photography.  

This series was a reminder and reinforcement of who I am as a taker of pictures - a capturer of moments - a manipulator of emotions (if I can't make you feel something, then I have not effectively done the work); to wit, I am a storyteller.

I listened to "Songs of Mass Destruction" eleventy-hundred times while editing these images; in fact, I borrowed many of the song titles (including "Womankind") to title certain pieces within the collection. Annie Lennox is divine - as a human being, as an artist and as a woman - I adore her and respect her; she seems like genuinely good people.

In the end, I decided there was a story to be told, so I'm going to do what I think I do best and tell it. With the help of Kari, Annie and all of the women whose souls and beings have bumped up against my own, I will attempt to share through images and words, the private and deeply personal journey of Womankind.

I thought I'd put these images with text in a book; for myself - for my daughter - for anyone, really...

Stay tuned...  :)