Greeting the Betty

HappinessShannon Reed

There is a very sweet elderly couple who comes into the The Bookery Nook every couple of weeks or so just to see Betty.  "Just coming in to see Betty today!"  Or, "Just stopping by to see our girl!"  Mister always goes right up to her and says, "Hi, Betty - good to see you!" and gives her a little wave.  It's about the darn sweetest thing I've ever seen. 

About a month ago, we did some rearranging and Betty was re-located.  Well,  they came in made a beeline for Betty only to find that she wasn't in her usual spot.  Poor Mister was very nearly beside himself when he didn't see "his" Betty and I was on the phone and couldn't explain to them that she was just tucked in between the cases.  

Fortunately, I was able to get off the phone before they scooted out and, my goodness, you would have thought someone just came back from the dead the way they carried on.  Well, the way Mister carried on; I think he's extra sweet on Betty. 

I am grateful for this couple; they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  They make me appreciate the little things.  They remind me that it's important to take time and smell the roses - and greet the Betty.