Project Imagin8ion

ArtShannon Reed

Yesterday, my cousin sent me a note saying that she'd been
to two movies over the last few days and that, while showing
the trailer for the film that came of this project, my image was
also shown. I just think that's pretty darn neato!

I was thrilled to have been selected as a finalist - and I don't
think this is what was shown in the theater - but I did come
across the clip where they were discussing the category my photo was in (Mood).
About half-way through this 2:00 clip, you can see my image
placed right in front of Dallas Howard.

It was a great project and I hope they do it again; photographers
sometimes get lost in the mix of things so it's nice to have a
bit of hoopla around still imagery - even if they do turn it into
a film. Here's the trailer.